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My clients:

professionals, partners in a bicultural couple, students, kids, lovers of French cuisine, etc.

From absolute beginners to advanced students, toddlers to adults, individuals or small groups, I can offer the best lessons. I develop authentic learning experiences (visiting shops, going to lunches, doing arts and crafts) and regularly check improvement to adapt my methods. Furthermore, I have a 100% success rate for the DELF preparation (A1 t o C1), having helped more than 30 students pass.

Cécile’s lesson is interesting and interactive, assisted by visual / audio contents and mini games. Learning topics are relevant to daily life, popular culture, history, etc., which guide students towards the most comprehensive understanding of France. She also encourages me to speak often and helps improve my confidence. Her patience and passion in language teaching are highly recommendable.

Anna Lau - Hong Kong

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