You Already Speak French!

Cécile Parisot​

French Teacher in Hong Kong

About me

My Teaching Principles

With kids
Play, collaborate, laugh...and learn!
For exams
Learn how to be organised and prepared!
(100% success from Delf A1 to C1)
In adult busy life
Get what you really want and need, keep motivated...and achieve your goals!

Hello, I am Cécile,

a certified, experienced and passionate French teacher based in Hong Kong.


Born and educated in France, I have a Master's degree and

I am graduated with distinctions from the Alliance Française in teaching French as a foreign language.

I have a professional background in the education and publishing industry from France.

I also taught French during two years in Tokyo, Japan.

I travelled to more than 40 countries across 5 continents, and wrote several travel guidebooks.

Since I moved to Hong Kong in 2014, I have fully dedicated my time to my passion

for teaching and I have developed my own method and tools for learning French

So yes, I do believe that You Already Speak French! contact me and I will show you how.


Got questions?

Just email me at

or fill in the form below to enquire.



There is a class waiting for you!

French for companies

Being more comfortable while traveling in France, improving communication with French colleagues, offering team building activities, preparing for a change of career...

-> For companies, I offer tailor-made lessons, in private or in groups, please contact me by email.

French online

You prefer to learn French from your home ? You want an everyday program fit to your schedule and your way of living ?


-> Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp video or messages, Facebook group, Evernote files...I use every technology available to keep you motivated on your learning path! 

Private lessons

Are you fond of French culture or cuisine ? Are you a lifetime learner who wants to master a new language ? Do you need to master your exams ?


-> From absolute beginners to advanced levels, from toddlers to adults, individual or small groups, I will offer you the best lessons

French for French !

Vos enfants sont francophones ou bilingues mais non scolarisés en français ?


-> Je propose de l'aide aux devoirs de français  au niveau primaire. Ainsi que des ateliers thématiques pendant les vacances !

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